Designs in Mind

Designs in Mind is a non profit distributing Community Interest Company which owns both the Designs in Mind and JOLT brands. Designs in Mind provides a creative environment for adults wanting to look after their mental health, whilst JOLT sells high quality art and design work that makes mental health a part of every day life.

In 2018 the CEO, Catherine Wilks, had identified a need for the two brands to be better defined and communicated. She also needed help to establish a plan for ongoing brand management and communications delivery.

After a honest chat and assessment of Catherine’s vision for the business, Victoria was asked to help create stronger brand positioning and a consistent messaging framework for both brands.

A brand review was undertaken in November 2018. This included an analysis of the business strategy as well as brand identity, target audiences, communications activity and content. Victoria then created a high level brand strategy and a set of communications and messaging recommendations for the team to take forward. Deliverables also included recommended brand architecture for Catherine to use as a blueprint for future brand development.

Up until now, marketing and branding has mainly been the last thing we think about, something we care about very much, just totally under resourced. We are now in the place where, as a team, we wanted to have a shared understanding about our brand identity and an action plan where we can all play our part. Although we have tried to do this before, it always fell apart. Working with Victoria gave us focus, structure, direction and forced us to make time and find resources- it was exactly what we needed. Watch out world we know what we are doing now!”

Catherine Wilks, CEO, Designs in Mind