Practical Governance

Practical Governance provides hands-on governance support to organisations with a social mission.

By the end of 2017 the business had reached a critical point where investment was required to build a stronger brand voice and effectively connect with target audiences. So after an initial consultation (aka lunch), Victoria joined Practical Governance as an Associate, leading the development of all communications activities.

Work undertaken over the last 12 months has included strategy development and ongoing communications management, the creation of communications campaigns, and collaborations to raise the profile of Practical Governance. Activities implemented to date have helped share their mission with organisations, networks and partnerships seeking approaches to governance that can unleash – rather than constrain – social change.

“Vicky has really helped us create some structure and focus to our communications – across social media, websites, blogs, articles, podcasts and events.  She has driven all this forward with creativity and imagination, staying true to our core values and mission.  We were neglecting this side off work before Vicky arrived, now we couldn’t do what we do without her!”

Bob Thust, Co-Founder, Practical Governance